Shoqata Atlantiku-Atlantic Association

752 West End Ave, suite MB
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The Atlantic Association is a not-for-profit organization under NYS Incorporation law. The statutes of The Atlantic Association explicitly express the non-political nature of the organization. The purpose of The Atlantic Association is to further the understanding between Albanians and Americans through various educational and informational programs as well as the advancement of Albanian Americans in the USA. The association has also taken steps in preparing Albanian students by providing education in accredited western universities in the USA. We intend to help create western educated leaders for various countries in the Southeastern Europe. As an organization that has been directly involved and tied to the region, we believe the region to be developing in the right direction in the past ten years but still in need of support from western organs in order to shore up the educational advancement of promising individuals. We strongly believe that by not investing in the future leaders of the region we risk the repeat of past instability in the region.


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