Albanian Roots -Rrënjët Shqiptare

Staten Island, NY, United States
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Albanian Roots (Albanian: Rrënjët Shqiptare) is a non-religious, Non-Profit Organization of young Albanian Professionals whose primary function is to strengthen the Albanian community by integrating the Albanians with each other and their respective adopted countries throughout the whole Albanian diaspora. Albanian Roots works primarily to build a strong relationship with other Albanian communities in order to share a more dynamic and cohesive partnership. Albanian Roots focuses on promoting the Albanian culture and heritage to the younger generations by improving the community in organizing events such as network events, picnics, art shows, festivals and its main event the Albanian Roots Parade in the Immigrants Day Parade in New York City. Albanian Roots focuses on "cultural activities movements" as well as performing activist campaigns through a network of delegates, advisers, and analysts.

Albanian Roots has 4 satellite organizations in Michigan (Detroit), Illinois (Chicago), Texas (Houston), and in the near future New Jersey, Connecticut, and possibly Boston.