In November, for the first time, the three-day conference of the Albanian Diaspora started. In three days “Dispora Flet 2020” brought the interconnection of professionals from different industries, to reflect on the commitments of the Albanian diaspora in the last 20 years and in the next 20 years. “Global 2020: Connect. Create. Cooperate ” managed to create its best impact to strengthen the international cooperation of Albanians around the world and to contribute to the growth of diaspora communities, thus helping Albanians at home and abroad.

On November 20, 2020, one of the most interactive discussions was also “Technology, Innovation and External Contracting” where this session brought 6 successful personalities in potential fields and sectors of the ecosystem from around the world. Moderated by Mrs. Fabiola Duro, founder of INNVEST and with successful professionals invited to the panel, such as: Mrs. Artiona Bogo, Cloud Customer Engineer at Google Cloud; Mr. Bledi Celiku – Senior Economist, The World Bank; Mr. Albi Zhulali – CEO of Softmogul; Mr. Celik Nimani – Partner & Chief Executive Officer at Frakton; Mrs. Arta Shehu – Co-Founder of jCoders & Labbox; Mr. Edi Demaj – KO Co-Founder at KODE Labs, it was widely discussed what is the real potential of service contracting in countries of origin. In answering this question, panelists should consider digitizing the world, which is being used as a strategic necessity and helping businesses through data and analytics, and to increase efficiency and productivity by directing employees towards planning.

An extremely important discussion was the role of countries in an increasingly digital world, where analysis and data offer an advantage and businesses use technology as a strategic necessity, a driver of efficiency and productivity and as a tool to empower employees and to orient planning towards the future.

In a unified opinion by professionals it was a brilliant opportunity to unite in such events that aim to raise our countries through technology. There are great opportunities to change the future of our countries through technology, if we find the right and sustainable ways of cooperation around this common goal. To benefit from the digital economy, two factors are extremely essential: Internet access and human capital. Kosovo and Albania are quite good in terms of online access (in Kosovo, 89% of the population has access to the Internet and in  Albania over 79%), but it leaves  much to be desired in terms of human capital, and in  countries like Albania and Kosovars there are  still great challenges in this regard. Much more work is needed, especially in the quality of education and the increase of investment (public and private) in the education system that countries provide for future generations.

In addition, guests and participants in this panel were given the opportunity for professional networking by enabling meetings between businesses (B2B) and meetings between businesses and clients (B2C). Another opportunity created for organizations by “Diaspora Flet 2020” was the creation of international partners, through the presentation of their goals and objectives. And last but not least were the conversations and sharing of inspirational stories, presenting innovative projects, ideas and their success stories.