Gazmend Freitag – Eroticism

E x h I b I t:

May 17 2018, 8.:00 PM

Gallery Strandgut

Ottensheimer Strasse 25 | 4040 Linz | Austria


Eroticism does not only hinge on the sexual morality of each person but also on the culture and time one lives in.



The human figure and especially the representation of women feature prominently in the art of Gazmend Freitag. With great sensuality and passion he creates portraits and nude drawings of women he knows privately, that he is friends with or who are artists themselves. The art of nude drawing plays such a central role in Freitag’s creative work that he attended a course at the University of Arts in Linz to acquire the essential skills. The result is a multitude of studies in pencil and a number of large size oil paintings in a style somewhere between modern Impressionism and Expressionism.