A story about the Albanian Diaspora – Kosovodiaspora.org

In 2014, Germin, an organization registered in Kosovo, launched the first digital platform for Kosovo and diaspora. This was a result of months of hard work and cooperation with our partners.. The idea came to the founding members of the organization, Behar Xharra and Martin Waehlisch, from a study they conducted called “Beyond Remittances: Public Diplomacy and Kosovo’s Diaspora.”The findings of this study served to create the base of the platform.

The main aim of the digital platform for diaspora, KosovoDiaspora.org (KD) is to connect Kosovo with the world, thereby creating a more positive image of Kosova. KD is based on the belief that our diaspora has the potential to aid development of our country. Among other things, they are the best ambassadors for our country. This is seen through the 700 plus articles published about Albanians who have been successful in the world.