Diaspora Advocacy Group (DAG)

The Diaspora has always been an important factor in garnering international support for Kosovo, as well as investing in the betterment of the Kosovar society. Unfortunately, however, there has never been a formal representative body to facilitate the relationship between diaspora organizations and Kosovo’s central institutions. In order to address this gap, our initiative includes the creation of the Diaspora Advocacy Group (DAG).

DAG will be an informal forum which brings together Diaspora community organizations, representatives, and concerned individuals. Consisting of around 30 people, this forum will be a space where Diaspora entities can channel their views, concerns, ideas, and solutions. Its primary task will be to advocate for Diaspora social and political rights in Kosovo. In order to do so, DAG will first identify both the most pressing concerns in Diaspora as well as the highest potential that Diaspora involvement in Kosovo’s society can reach. Upon discussing both Diaspora needs and potentials, DAG will cooperate with Kosovo’s public institutions in order to advance the involvement of Diaspora in Kosovo’s government.

Among others, DAG will seek to gain physical access as an observer in Kosovo’s Assembly Committees. Its main role will be to deal with Diaspora-related issues in general, and advise designated Government entities about Diaspora needs and potentials, in particular.

–  Advocacy Campaign for Informal Diaspora Representation at the Assembly of Kosovo

In order to secure its representation in Kosovo’s Assembly Committees, DAG will organize an advocacy campaign. Precisely, this campaign will focus on raising awareness about the right of the Diaspora to have representation at Kosovo’s Assembly, as well as the potential that this representation has for improving Kosovo’s legislation. The campaign will use the media, social media and other virtual channels in order to reach out to a large number of people.    

–  Platform for Diaspora Political and Social Rights

In order to bring together diaspora members and facilitate their collaboration, Germin will create an interactive map which allows diaspora entities to learn more about each other, as well as build upon each-other’s work. Among others, DAG can use this platform to identify the main players who can advocate for Diaspora’s Political and Social Rights.  

– Bi-monthly Google Hangouts with Diaspora Advocacy Groups

Momentum and consistency are two important elements of any advocacy initiative. For this reason, DAG will hold bi-monthly virtual meetings. These meetings will serve as a check-in, allowing DAG members to discuss their work, celebrate their successes, as well as take action to overcome their challenges. These Hangouts will also allow DAG members to keep each-other accountable to their commitments, as well as maintain its initial momentum.