Kosovo Philharmonic Choir in Hastings

Kosovo Philharmonic Choir is a professional ensemble with 50 members, that continues the work of the Professional Choir of the Radio Television of Prishtina, a choir that was well-known in the 80’s under the direction of current permanent conductor Rafet Rudi. Under his direction the choir has had successful and important presentations in Kosovo and abroad. Thanks to him, the choir is devoted to contemporary choral literature as well as to the choral polyphony of the Renaissance and Baroque era. Choir and Philharmonic Orchestra performed a number of important vocal-instrumental works such as: Mass in D Major K.194 by Mozart, ‘Vespro della Beata Vergine 1610’ by Monteverdi, Cantata No. 28 by Bach, Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria’, Mass in C Major by Beethoven and Hayden’s ‘Mass In tempore belli”. The work of the choir was halted by violence in the beginning of 90’s under the Serbian regime, while the choir was reconstituted in 2003 (4 years after the Kosovo War), but this time as part of Kosovo Philharmonic. With its activity the choir also has developed continuously the tradition of the choral singing in Kosovo, present in the country since 1945. The repertoire of Kosovo Philharmonic Choir includes works of different stylistic eras, starting from works of old masters of vocal music (C. Monteverdi, T. Morley, J. Arcadelt, L. Marenzio) up to works of well-known composers of the modern and contemporary literature (B. Britten, A. Part, G. Ligeti, E. Whitacre etc.). A crucial place of the choirs repertoire consist works by Albanian composers. The choir does have regular appearances with its A capella concerts in Croatia, Albania and Macedonia while in September 3rd 2016 the Kosovo Philharmonic Choir sang at a concert in honor of Mother Teresa in Vatican ahead of the nun’s canonization. This was a special occasion considering the fact that Mother Theresa’s family is originally from Prizren, a city with a rich cultural heritage in south of Kosovo. The choir does collaborate also with guest conductors, among others such are: Marko Vatovec, Damijan Mocnik, Baki Jashari and Marcio da Silva.

Rafet Rudi (1949) was born in Mitrovica (Kosovo). He graduated in the Music Academy in Belgrade, with major in Conducting and Composition. Later he completed his postgraduate studies in Sarajevo, followed by a one year specialization in the National Conservatory of Paris, in the class of the composer Claude Ballif. He worked as a conductor of the Professional Choir of the Radio Television of Prishtina from 1980 to 1987. The following are some of his most important works: Concerto for guitar and string orchestra, ‘Concerto movement’ for piano and symphonic orchestra, String quartet, “The Return” for mezzo-soprano and symphonic orchestra, ‘Laudatio Funebris’ for soprano and string orchestra, ‘Afresk arbëresh III’ for vocal soloist, choir, 2 pianos, organ and tape, ‘Dialogues perdu’ for flute, string trio and tape etc. His compositions were performed in Europe, USA and Japan. As a conductor in recent years, Rudi focuses on the discovery, restoration and adaptation of the choral literature of the old Albanian authors. For the first time, the works of great historical importance of Gjergj Danush Llapacaj (16th century), Jan Kukuzeli (13th century) and Nikola Dardan (Nicetas of Remesiana from 4th century) were displayed for the first time in Albanian public. These works are becoming part of the choral standard repertoire in Kosovo. Rudi is member of Albanian Academy of Arts and Sciences and European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Rafet RUDI – conductor

Gjergj Danush LLAPACAJ (XVI)
Pieces from ‘Antiphonarium’ of year 1532

Kaltrina Myftari soprano
Liridon Sadriu tenor

Thomas SIMAKU (*1958)

Lorenc ANTONI (1909-1089)
Qorapet e burrit

Rexho MULLIQI (1923-1982) – arr. R.Rudi
Një Lule
Adelina Paloja soprano

Th. L. de VICTORIA (1548- 1611)
O magnum Mysterium
Adelina Paloja /Shkurte Hykaj / Diellza Sylejmani / Arstina Kadiu / Liridon Sadriu Agon Tufa / Shaban Behramaj / Nikoll Gjini

John DOWLAND 1563-1626)
Come again
Kaltrina Miftari / Diellza Sylejmani / Safet Berisha / Shaban Behramaj

Benjamin BRITTEN
A Ceremony of Carols
/Procession,That yongë child, Balulalow, , Deo Gracias/
Adelina Paloja soprano
Safet Berisha Counter tenor
Yllka Istrefi piano

Mendi MENGJIQI (*1958)
Music in the Circle

Baki JASHARI (*1959)
Pakëz në ëndërr, pakëz në zhgëndërr
Dritan Kastrati narator

Traditional – arr. R.Rudi
Janinë ç’i panë sytë
Kaltrina Myftari soprano
Safet Berisha tenor

Rafet RUDI (*1949)

Jake RUNESTAD (*1986)
Nyon Nyon