Meet Lona Alia – An Albanian Success Story from the Valley – Business Mag Albania

We feel honored to have in this end of Year 2018 event:
“One young CEO who may one day have her name listed on the Fortune 500 list.” – Quote from World Finance News Corp.

Lona Alia – Founder & CEO of Style Lend a fashion rental marketplace

With her natural good looks, Lona at first became a high fashion model. Wanting to do more with her life, Lona eventually moved to Silicon Valley where she began several start-ups. Eventually she founded Style Lend, a fashion rental marketplace. Combining her background in fashion and her business sense and experience, Lona created the fashion- based company with its focus on helping women around the world have “access to the world’s most coveted closets and help promote sustainable fashion consumption.”

Lona has been in the fashion space for 10 years first as a model for Wilhelmina and later as a marketer and has worked for brands such as Versace, Levi’s, Guess, GM etc. She holds an MBA and is one of the few female founders of Y combinator.
Her curious nature has taken Lona to 77 countries, and led her to learn 7 languages.
If you ask Lona where she is from, she would probably answer “the world!”
Born in Albania, Lona has spent the majority of her life living, working or studying in the US, Paris, London, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paolo.


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