Opportunities and Challenges for the Global Albanian Diaspora

Following up on the Albanian Diaspora Summit in November 2016, Germin would like to create a Working Group of people from Albania, Kosova, and Albanians all over the world to develop an Action Plan for Engaging the Global Albanian Diaspora. The objective is to promote closer and more formal links among Albanians around the world. The Diaspora Summit was a good first step in this direction, but successful and sustainable follow-up requires that we now collectively develop a well-coordinated approach.

We feel that only through more formal and institutionalized collaboration can the full potential of the large Albanian Diaspora be realized. It cannot be realized alone by the government of Albania, the government of Kosova, or by the Albanian Diaspora working alone in their own vacuums as has been the case in the past. It can not be fully realized through informal and ad hoc arrangements. The time has come for developing more formal collaboration, and we think this process should be driven as much as possible by the Albanian Diaspora in a professional and apolitical manner working together with public and private officials in Albania and Kosova.

If you attended the Diaspora Summit and/or are interested in Diaspora issues we would like for you to join our team which will develop a seven-point Action Plan for Global Albanian Diaspora Engagement in the following areas:

Institutional and Legal Framework for Diaspora Engagement
Voting Rights for the Diaspora and Representation in Parliaments
Diaspora Investment and Economic Policy
Promoting Professional Exchange with the Albanian Diaspora
Cultural and Educational Exchange
Promoting Local Diaspora Projects in Selected Cities/Regions in Albania and Kosova
Albanian Diaspora Philanthropy and Non-Governmental Organizations


REGISTER: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1faKyu0lhUxffojAqmvzu8Nw7dL0BZloehMTyAbrOf2Q/edit