ENCRYPTION: Art Exhibition by Rei Misiri & Filip Matovina

Rei Misiri is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist migrated from Tirana, Albania and Filip Matovina is an OCADU graduate and holds a BFA in painting. Are known for wielding their hands to one simple artistic element: the line. On August 10th, 2017, they are combining forces to present ENCRYPTION Art Exhibition at Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery. As Toronto’s 2nd largest public gallery, the venue is known for exhibiting the original works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, and Piranesi. For the artists, their series of works explore multifaceted cultural realities through drawings, paintings, and engravings of intricately rendered portraits and figures of individuals from all over the world.

Join our VIP social mixer at Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery for a night of authentic hors d’oeuvre style fusion foods, live painting (by Rei and Filip), poetry (By Britta Badour), and music (by Adrian Hogan) inspired by the artists’ original drawings and paintings.