Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a communication tool which facilitates individual and group chats through text, voice and video. As part of the SDDR project, Germin will utilize Google Hangouts as discussion salons to engage diaspora members from a number of countries. These Hangouts will build a sense of community among the Diaspora and encourage a reflection process on the most pertinent issues. The Germin team will facilitate these meetings in order to ensure healthy, focused discussions that identify diaspora needs. Subsequently, these will result in recommendations directed to relevant public institutions.

Following each of the twelve Hangouts, the Germin team will author articles summarizing the discussion and highlighting action points. These articles will be published in partner newspapers and magazines, as well as other online media. Upon completing all hangouts, Germin will produce four policy briefs to synthesize information on the most pertinent issues (see Policy Brief description).

The topics of discussions for these Hangout sessions will include:  

  1. Diaspora participation in General and Municipal Elections in Kosovo
  2. Diaspora representation in Assembly of Kosovo
  3. Government Consultation Procedures for Diaspora
  4. Tailoring Public Services to Diaspora
  5. Pension Agreements with Countries of Diaspora

Other topics will be determined upon consultations with Diaspora.