„Baresha” and “Die Braut von Mitrovica” – the work of the Albanian painter Gazmend Freitag in the Albanian Embassy in Vienna

Day of the Open Embassies / Art Exhibit/ May 19th, 2017. 11 AM

The Day of the Open Embassies provides the opportunity to visit the Albanian Embassy in Vienna and admire the work of the Albanian painter Gazmend Freitag. Rooted in the tradition of the European impressionists, the forty-eight year old artist prefers oil paintings, drawings and book illustrations. He is well known for his soulful interpretation of Albanian motives, which he captures in portraits, landscapes and nude drawings. Some of them will be on view, such as the lovely “Baresha” or “The Eagle”, both of them paintings in oil. As well to be admired are the graphic portrait of  Pjetër Bogdani and  Dr. Marianne Graf, President of the Albanian- Partnership Board, as well as the drawing of „Die Braut von Mitrovica“. All three have been published in various media. It is the third exhibit of Gazmend Freitag’s work in the Albanian Embassy.

Shown as well are paintings by Iliriana Ajeti and Photographs by Gjergj Mazi. The exhibition is open to the public until the end of May .

Registration is required for a guided tour. Please contact us at: tel:  01/4000 04.

e-mail: [email protected]. A valid identity card or passport are rquired.


Embassy of Albania, Vienna

Prinz-Eugen-Straße 18

1040 Vienna | AUSTRIA