The Albanian Cinema project presents: Tomka and his friends

he Albanian Cinema Project’s English-subtitled restoration of TOMKA AND HIS FRIENDS is a rare chance to look at moving images from a society that was closed off from the rest of the world for decades.

TOMKA AND HIS FRIENDS brings us into the compelling story of a group of young boys working to defend their homeland from the occupying German army in the town of Berat, Albania circa 1943. Tomka’s opening tracking shot of the young barefoot protagonists who live under the Nazi occupation signals a vitality missing from nearly all Albanian cinema of the era. When the young boys discover the Germans have transformed their soccer field into a base of operations, they plot revenge. Aiding local partisans (Communists, of course, though this is not stated), Tomka and his pals spy, poison the occupiers’ guard dog and help the partisans in a spectacular act of sabotage.

Q&A and conversation following the screening with Regina Longo, Director of the Albanian Cinema Project! Curated by Maria Tzeka.

by Xhanfize Keko
1977, digital, 78 min

Where: filmfront, 1740 W. 18th St. 60608 Chicago
When: 3/24/2017, Friday
Doors open at 7:30PM. Limited seating available.

Learn more about the restoration of Tomka and ACP’s work here